Our Foundation

Religion is the enemy of a Christian's faith. It shifts our dependence away from trusting Jesus and puts it onto our own tenacity for following rules and traditions. Jesus didn't condemn sinners –only the religious. They were leading His sheep astray. Likewise, Paul wrote about his battles with people falling into religion. Here are some of those battles.

Jesus' Parables

We've heard them since childhood –and thought they were about moral values. His disciples knew there was more and they asked Him why He didn't speak plainly. Even His answer was veiled. "They might simply hear and then understand." He wanted to pique their interest so they would seek God for the answers –and be saved!


The Old Testament is filled with insights about Jesus but they're disguised like parables –using other people, such as Adam. Eve (mankind) was the love of His life but she disobeyed God. He gave up His perfect home with God to be with her –and His punishment was death. Hers were new life (being born-again) and accepting His position over her.


We are all plagued with the troubles of life. Jesus said "When the storms come..., when they persecute you..., when you encounter troubles"; He didn't say "if..." He was preparing us for life and He told us how to pass through it victoriously –with peace and joy. The solution is what we choose to think about during those trials.